Miley's förlovningsring kan bli din.

Datum: 2012-06-10 | Tid: 12:54:25 | Kategori: Miley Cyrus

Y’all can’t have Liam Hemsworth, but you can have an engagement ring similar to the one he gave to Miley Cyrus!

Gemvera, an online personal fine jeweler, has replicated Miley’s bling, and it’ll only set you back $3,029.

The 19-year-old’s actual sparkler (the one on the left) is a 3.5-carat, cushion-cut diamond ring that’s iced with 18-karat gold and diamond floral motifs. Liam codesigned the ring with celebrity jeweler Neil Lane.

So how does the replica bling measure up?

Well, the “Elizabeth Ring” (“Miley Ring” might’ve been a bit obvious) is a round diamond, 14-karat yellow gold ring, and it looks pretty darn similar.

Of course, Miley isn’t the only bride-to-be whose jewels have been copied to sell to the masses. Kate Middleton’s stunning sapphire ring had its fair share of knockoffs, and of course Angelina Jolie’s modern bling from Brad Pitt had a slew of copycats as well.

Now if only we could replicate the future grooms!


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