Miley senaste Tweetbilder.

Datum: 2012-05-12 | Tid: 20:46:20 | Kategori: Miley Cyrus
Har ju varit inaktiv ett tag från bloggen, så jag tänkte visa rätt många Twitter bilder som jag glömt blogga om från senaste tiden, hoppas det uppskattas. :)


"sweetest girls in the world. letting their new baby brother cuddle with them =]"

"heaven is a place on earth ❤"

"Donations can be made via PayPal Or checks mailed to Saving Spot"

"@brianbowensmith I ❤ you. I really do"

"RIP Vidal Sassoon. You are forever fabulous."

Has the best day shooting with @brianbowensmith ❤ Here's a portrait of Happy =]



"Fairy tales are girl porn."



@JohnzoWest gloryyyyyy

@CherieDaly22 ❤ you

Jammin to GaGa while getting a blow out with @NoahCyrus aka Miss Scoffield

:) my earth angel. (ps my mom

@leesaamarie What's that jacket Margiela

@Vijphoto Mam-agram

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